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Joey Agbayani

Joey Agbayani

Manila, Metro Manila


"I am a filmmaker. I do matte paintings, traditional and 3D CGI animation, graphic visual effects, cinematography, and photography. Painting is my most favorite art form. Compared to film production, the process of making a painting has practically no budget constraints and there is so much creative freedom. A blank piece of canvass excites me- I can create anything that I wish to create.

"My interest in painting began at the age of 10. I remember using watercolor- copying photographs from travel books. I learned painting through the rendering classes at the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Architecture, workshops at the UP College of Fine Arts, and from reading art books. I have created several watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings in the past. Now, I have adapted a new style by combining the impasto technique with the use of modeling paste, and watercolor washes, glazing and dry brush techniques."

Joey Agbayani is a film director and producer. His animated films "Lola" and "The Ghostwriter" received major awards from several international film festivals. Agbayani's films have been shown in worldwide and prestigious festivals such as the Asian American International Film Festival, The New York City Horror Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas, Festival du Court Metrage Clermont
Ferrand, Festival de Cine Alcala de Henares, Berlin Independent Film Festival, Independent Days Film Festival in Germany and the Edinburgh International Film Festival in UK.

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Mini Cooper S 2000 by Joey Agbayani


3 Powers by Joey Agbayani


1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe by Joey Agbayani


1960 Volkswagen Beetle 2 by Joey Agbayani


1947 Vespa 98 Scooter by Joey Agbayani


Red Carriage by Joey Agbayani


Paoay Church by Joey Agbayani


San Agustin Church 1800s by Joey Agbayani


Basilica de San Martin de Tours by Joey Agbayani


Angkor Temple Gate by Joey Agbayani


Baclayon Church by Joey Agbayani


Vigan Door by Joey Agbayani


After the Storm by Joey Agbayani


Huts by the Shore by Joey Agbayani


Boats by Joey Agbayani


Lounging by the Sea by Joey Agbayani


Virgin Island Cebu by Joey Agbayani


Boracay Beach by Joey Agbayani


Bayon Temple View from the East by Joey Agbayani


Bayon Temple by Joey Agbayani


Sea of Bicycles- Karlsruhe Germany by Joey Agbayani


Sea of Bicycles 2 by Joey Agbayani


Sea of Bicycles 3 by Joey Agbayani


Eiffel Tower Detail by Joey Agbayani


One World Trade Center - Freedom Tower by Joey Agbayani